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DogeZilla Universe NFT

The DogeZilla Universe NFT collection consists of 10,000 NFT’s with more than 160 traits, all drawn by hand! Because of the big amount of different traits there will be a lot of variety.

We will be launching the collection using the ERC721A smart-contract, which will allow you to mint multiple NFT’s for the same gas price as you would pay when minting just one! On top of that the gas price itself will also be much lower than you are used to.

We will also host the collection on IPFS so you can be assured that nothing can happen to your NFT. By being the owner of a DogeZilla NFT you will get a lot of benefits, join our Discord and check out our roadmap to find out what we have in store for you!



Because you too are cute and strong, just like DogeZilla! The team is continuously working to make the DogeZilla Universe a success! We started our journey with the launch of our native token back in July 2021 on the Ethereum blockchain, and are now working on a couple of different tracks that will bring us closer and closer to the DogeZilla Universe.

The collection will consist of 10,000 NFT’s, each put together with the loving and creative touch of our artist, stereogrinder

We are planning on releasing and fully revealing the collection Q1 2022. Follow us on twitter so you don’t miss out on this and our many giveaways!

With our P2E game (DogeZilla: To the Moon!) releasing this year, you can actually use your own DogeZilla NFT as a character! So get ready to flex in the boss fights with your rare bling! You will also own the Intellectual property rights to your NFT’s meaning you can monetize it! Not to mention the family you will be a part of! More benefits will be disclosed in Roadmap 2.0!

Once minting is open you can mint from the official Dogezilla mint website, the link will be disclosed in time. People that are whitelisted (a guaranteed spot to mint) will be able to mint during presale. Those that are not whitelisted will be able to mint during the public sale. We will give away a total of 1000 whitelist spots, so stay focused and secure your spot! The specific dates for presale and pubic sale will be announced soon. The mint price will be 0.03 eth per NFT, with a maximum mint of TBA. We will be using the new algorithm (ERC721A) developed by the Azuki team, this means you will be able to mint multiple NFT’s for the same gas prices as you would pay to mint one NFT. What’s not to love!

Head over to our Discord an go to the channel “🏆|whitelist and check whether your wallet address is in the whitelist document. If you can’t find your wallet address and were granted a whitelist spot contact us at “🙋|support.

The DogeZilla team will never DM you, ask you for any type of funds or ask you to give your seed phrase! Only click on links we post on Twitter or in “🔗|official-links” (Discord) and never fall for DM’s asking you to verify via links they provide!

Holders of the DogeZilla token, $DOGEZ, that hold a minimum of 5,000,000,000 DOGEZ will also get a whitelist spot and can mint during presale!



Co-Founder and entrepreneur with a big heart for anything blockchain, also known for jumping in and out of Keto diets (yes, fries are technically vegetables but yeah…).


Co-Founder and NFT guru. Looking to make a change from corporate life to crypto. Also known from the popular sitcoms: “Honey, I’m left bagholding again!” and “An NFT a day keeps the foodstamps away.”


Tireless artist, all he needs is a playlist of Low-Fi beats to get going. Note to self: limit playlist to 9 hours, the human body apparently needs to eat and sleep from time to time…